• Arnold Serame is a Lighting Designer with extensive background in concerts, television and live events.
  • Arnold started his career being a lighting director / programmer for such artists as Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul and Neil Diamond.
  • He traveled the world on concert tours throughout the 90s, culminating in being prorammer / lighting director for Madonna and Lighting Designer for Mary J. Blige.
  • He helped co-found Zed Ink, helping to formulate and create the original look and feel of the Xbox brand.
  • In 2006 Arnold founded Serame Design, a firm to further design and technology ideas in Lighting Design.
  • Serame Design's most notable clients are George P. Johnsons, Toyota, Lexus and Scion events and major auto shows, and the gaming company Blizzard for their gigantic fan-fests, BlizzCon 2010 and 2011.
  • Arnold continues to lighting direct and program for television and concerts, including The Voice, The Daytime Grammys, Josh Groban at Disney Hall , among others.
  • Arnold can be reached at 310.265.3215 or at arnold@seramedesign.com.